[MUSIC] This is the Windows laptop to beat. Yes, it's a Dell. But it's also one of the very best notebooks you can buy for $750. Dell didn't skim, plan any part of this affordable computer. Here's a short list of things you won't always find in a laptop this cheap. A crisp 1080p display with wide viewing angles that folds over backwards into a touchscreen tablet. Your choice of 13 or 15" screens for the exact same price. A rigid metal frame that extends all around the edges Instead of just a token layer of rough brushed aluminum. A responsive backlit keyboard. And a touchpad smooth and accurate enough that you won't want a screen. A fast, solid state drive with 256 GB of storage A place where manufacturers usually skip. Six hours of real world battery life and my personal favorite, a special depth sensing camera that lets me log into Windows with my face. You could find anyone of these features in other inexpensive laptops, maybe even two or three of them. All of them come standard on this [INAUDIBLE] All of them for $750. I have been asking PC manufacturers for years to make these features standard, instead of making you pay more money to get the things you want. Dell is the first one to actually do it. But there is one up-sell that might actually be worth your cash. This external battery, the same kind you might throw into a backpack to charge up your phone or tablet, this one can charge laptops too. It gave me three to four hours of additional battery life for about a 100 bucks. I've got a few quibbles with the Dell Inspiron 7000 of course. The screen's a little glossy, the hinges are a little bouncy, and the keyboard's a tad shallow. But no laptop is perfect. For 750 US dollars the Inspiron 7000 comes damn close.