Dell's XPS line of laptops available in a 13 inch and 15 inch models is one of our favorite laptop lines. That's because its well built, has got a great design, and a great keyboard and most importantly it has a nearly invisible [UNKNOWN] around its Screens which make for very striking edge to edge look that almost no other laptop can match.Dell calls this the infinity display. Well now Dell is expanding this idea into hybrids with the new XTS 13 two in one which is a 360 degree hinch convertible. With a very similar slim Bezel Infinity display design. That means you can fold the 13 inch display back into a table tent or a kiosk position. Or just fold it all the ay back to a slightly chunky tablet. The nice thing about this style of hybrid is that is works great as an ordinary clamshell laptop as well. Inside you've got Intel Core F5 and I7 Y-series, low voltage processors and the gorilla glass screen comes in either full HD or 3200x1800 resolution versions. It's available now, starting at $999 in the U.S.