[ Music ] >> Hi everyone this is Eric Franklin. Welcome back to cnet.com. Today we're taking a first look at the Dell P2210. The 22 inch Dell P2210 looks a lot like Dell's G2210 from the front with a plain design, angular features and a black mat finish. The height of the panels are adjustable to about 4 inches, the panel pivots to the left 90 degrees, also the panel swivels left and right about 45 degrees and tilts back about 25 degrees. Dell includes DVI, VGA and display port as connection options. Strangely, there is no HDMI connection which is a mainstay in most monitors. The P2210 had a difficult time producing dark grey and our extreme grayscale bars task in display mate [assumed spelling] indicating that it would have trouble displaying dark details and movies and photographs. We checked out some movies in Dell's movie mode preset and while the colors were decent, they didn't pop as well as some other monitors like the NEC EA221WM did. Gaming performance was good; the Dell P2210 has good colors and they popped okay, but they didn't pop quite as well as like the Acer G24 did. In our power consumption test, the Dell P2210 only drew 20.14 watts in its default on mode. Based on our formula, the P2210 would cost $6.38 per year to run and has a street price of about $240 but Dell currently sells it for about $209. That said, if you're looking for a low price 22-inch monitor with plentiful assortment of features and good performance, the P2210 will serve you well. Once again this is Eric Franklin and this has been the first look at the Dell P2210.