[MUSIC] In a sea of black rectangular smartphones, the circle concept phone at CES 2020 stands out for its circular novel design. Though it's not in its final stages yet, the US based company does aim to launch the phone in 2021 for $700. We actually checked out an earlier 2G model of this phone back in 2016. Since then, the company has added 4G LTE and updated the hardware to what you see here. The device runs Android 9 and has a touchscreen display that measures 3.45 inches in diameter. While some apps will have to be re-worked to accommodate this new shape, Others will actually keep a square interface that fits inside the circular frame. In the hand, it feels pretty comfortable. It's a good size, so I could toss it in my backpack or put it in my pocket, but it does feel kind of funky to navigate, I have to say it's kind of like my hands have to relearn or just kind of getting used to this new shape. It actually kind of just feels like a giant pocket watch. Or rather, a giant Android Wear. Watch. That I can carry around. The phone also has 213 megapixel cameras on the front and back Doosan capabilities and two headphone jacks. So if you want to share your music with someone as you're listening, they could plug in their headphones to. This isn't the only time we've seen a design like this in 2016 another company released the rents of all four $600 And it had a similar concept and look. Since then rinsable has remained pretty quiet, but circle is here now at CDs with its second model. Why I think most people will be pretty keen on keeping the rectangular phones at least circle managed to stand out at this tech show with its eye catching design. The company will launch its pre order campaign in the second quarter of this year. And you could get it for the early pre sale price of $ 500. For more information on this phone and CES 2020, check out cnet.com and be sure to like and subscribe. [MUSIC]