[MUSIC] Hello and welcome to tomorrow daily the best geek talk show in the known universe. I'm Jeff Cannata flying solo today because Ashley [UNKNOWN] has the day off. But fear not we still have your daily dose of headlines. If you're like me when you saw the movie Wall-E, you wanted a little robot friend. Well guess what, check out Cozmo. Anki, announced Cozmo this morning, a small robot that they're claiming is one of the, quote, most sophisticated consumer robot available today, unquote. Cozmo has an emotion engine And AI on board, allowing him to express emotions through voice and expression. And can he can even recognize faces that he sees often. If you leve him alone, he even gets sad. He'll work with iOS and Android devices, and he looks like he could be as adorable as Anki claims. Hopefully this isn't just a Tamagotchi on steroids, but if you want to get your hands on Cosmo, Anki already has a pre-order page up, and orders ship this October. I want one of these little guys! But he is little. As you see in the video, he's really tiny. I was kind of hoping he might be a little more, I don't know R2D2-sized, but I think it's still very very cool. John's Hopkins University is celebrating and very interesting prototype this morning as well. When George Lavae lost his hand to a meningitis infection, he still wanted to play games So, we teamed up with two other grad students and made gear or game enhancing augmented reality. It looks like a simple pair of platform sandals, but each one has a trio sensors inside that It can be mapped to game controls, allowing someone without hands to play video games with up to 20 different specific actions. The result is good enough that 80% of a small survey of around 50 viewers couldn't tell the difference between which people used gear and which didn't. Recently won the grand prize in the 2016 Intel-Cornell cup, and the team is already in the process of patenting and potentially licensing the concept. this is fantastic, anything that allows more gamers with varying levels of ability to play games I'm in favor it and I just think this is spectacular achievement in making more accessibility for more people. Well, if you want to comment on our stories you can always use our #HEYTD. That's "HEY TD!" like you're shouting at us. And then on Thursday when Ashley's back and we're sitting here chatting together about the stories, we will use your comments and incorporate them into our discussion. I think it's safe to say Ashley would want us to talk about a little robot. She's fascinated with robots, as am I, so I think we're probably gonna be talking about that one, but you can comment on either story By using #heyTD as the hashtag. All right. Now it's time for our phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] Today's phonetographer of the day is Raphael, who took this photo with an iPhone 6S. Raphael writes hi, Ashley and Jeff, I'm Raphael Attienza from the Philippines, a long-time CNET podcast watcher. This is a selfie of me and my family taken on my iPhone 6S on a recent trip to [UNKNOWN], Japan. This is my sister's last hurrah for traveling before she gives birth to her son or daughter. I took this using the rear camera of the iPhone using panorama mode. Yes, I do give CNET Tomorrow Daily permission to use my photos. Also my nickname Raf is pronounced like Raf. [LAUGH] I am the one with the blue collar. My sister's husband in white. My sister and my sister's husband sister. [LAUGH] This is a selfie with sage and some purple sea [UNKNOWN] flower in Farm Tomita Ferano Hodikko Japan. Raf, this is a great picture! I love your family, it's wonderful. I love seeing the selfies, but I have to say, the only you told me how to pronounce is the one thing that I think I could have figured out, Raf The city names, your friends names all of your family. I'm sure I messed up all of that stuff, your last name so apologies for that. If you want to be our phonetogropher, we only have a few more days of our current theme which is selfies, we've been loving those. You can always send photos to tomorrow at CNET.com be sure to tell us how to pronounce Anything that might be questionable in your e-mail including places and names and last names. Also give us permission to use it on the show. Tell us which device you took it on. And we love little stories about why you took that particular photo. That's going to do it for this episode of Tomorrow Daily. Ashley will be back to join me tomorrow. We'll have more headlines for you and then our long show on Thursday. Until then Be a good human. See ya. [MUSIC]