[MUSIC] Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is packed with some of the best technology you can find in a phone, but it's the stylus, or S Pen as Samsung calls it, that makes it stand out from the crowd. One neat new feature is called Live Memo. With this, you can hand draw a reply to a message, which will be turned into an animated GIF for your friends to watch back. Is largely a bit of fun, but it's also handy to take a screenshot of a map and draw a route to send. When they watch the GIF, they'll be able to see the exact route they need to take. The new translator is really neat, with this enabled you can hover the S pen over a word in a sentence and using Google's translation skills You'll see the translated word, in the language of your choice, pop up over the top. You can also select entire sentences to translate. In my hands on time I found this feature worked well. Note users have already been able to make quick notes in the screen off but the Note 8 allowing to you to create up to a 100 pages of screen off memos. Great for jotting down a really long shopping list. You can also screenshot and cut out a specific part of the screen to save and send rather than simply sending a shot of the entire screen. The Pen. UP app satisfies the cravings you've had since you were a kid to color things in. There's a range of outlined drawings to choose from and fill up with color. The stylus itself has seen some upgrades. The nib is finer and it has over 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity which makes it feel much more like writing with a real pen. When you pull the stylus out, you'll have access to this wheel of actions at the form, making it really easy to quickly write a note or use the new translation tool. For more on the Galaxy Note 8, head over to cnet.com now. [BLANK_AUDIO]