If you're following some long outdated battery myths, you;re doing it all wrong. Batteries are everywhere. So it's no surprise that so many theories about how they work and what you should do with them have made the rounds. For instance, you've probably heard that you should store batteries in the fridge [SOUND], or that you should let them completely die before charging them up again. [SOUND] Or my favorite is to be careful [SOUND] not to overcharge them. Well none of these things are actually true. Most batteries in smartphones and laptops are smart enough to know when to stop charging. So once they're completely charged, Power will be cut off. And what about letting your battery die completely before charging it up again. Actually if you let your batteries drain everyday, you'll reduce their effectiveness over time. Finally, you don't need to fully charge a device the first time you get it. This came from the olden days when fully charging a device helped the battery calibrate. Today most batteries calibrate themselves. So, you can go ahead and fully charge, but you're mostly just wasting your time. And now you're doing it right! [MUSIC]