Hey everybody, it's Rick the Cheapskate Broida, and guess what? It has been ten years since I started writing the Cheapskate blog for CNET. Can you believe it? I can not. To celebrate, we have put together a huge prize bundle, really the biggest we've ever done here. And 25 lucky winners are going to walk away with some very cool stuff. We've got phones, we've got drones, got all my favorite goodies. And you have the chance to win! All you have to do is get your entry in between November 13th and 19th and you're done, simple as that. Hey I want to thank all of the vendors who contributed Prizes to this giveaway, too many to mention here, but you can find them listed in the post below. I wanna thank CNET for giving me this platform for all of these years, letting me do my thing. I'm very Grateful, I've been loving every minute of it and I 'm game for 10 more years if you are. Last but not least, I want to thank all of you for being such incredible readers, for sending such kind of words, all of the great feedback and comments I've gotten over the years, it really Really means a lot to me. I really appreciate it and I'm gonna keep on doing what I do and I hope you'll stick around and read the Cheapskate every single day. Speaking of that we're all done here. I'll see you around the blog, good luck, I hope you win a prize.