In some of China's largest cities, a high tech effort is under way to bust low level offenders. jay walkers. Cameras record them going through intersections, zero in on their face, and then publically shame them on nearby video screens. It's all part of the Chinese government's new social credit system. Were people's daily behavior is monitored and rated. [FOREIGN] I think it's a good thing, this woman said. It makes people more honest. But the social credit rating goes far beyond a traditional credit score which is based on your finance China's version factors in everything from jaywalking, to smoking on trains, to buying too many video games. If your score gets too low, you can be banned from buying plane tickets, renting a house or getting a loan. [SOUND] Nearly 50 million people have already been prevented from traveling. It can recognize more than 4,000 vehicules. Chinese technology firms such as Sense Time are helping the government effort by developing advanced cameras that use artificial intelligence to track just about everything. This knows every person, every bike, every car, every bus that goes through the frame. It can tell whether it is an adult, a child. Male or female. Police in Beijing have been wearing these glasses that can recognize faces linked to the government's national database to help boost arrest. How advanced is this technology? This is cutting edge. Wu Fei is a CEO of the company that makes the glasses. He claims he doesn't know how the government intends to use his technology. I have no idea.>> Really??>> Yes.>> Do you trust the government the way they're using your techonology. Sorry I can't asnwer this.>> You can't asnwer that.>> This is outside the scope of questions.