Now if you go to lunch, or want to pick up dinner on the way home. You might go to WholeFoods. Well you can use Apple Watch to actually pay for things while you're checking out. I have my credit cards right inside my watch. To bring one up all I have to do is double tap the side button and it brings up my credit card. And I just put my watch near the merchant terminal, and that's it. I'm done. Super simple to pay with Apple Watch. Now since we're not actually at Whole Foods right now, I have a merchant terminal right here. This is a little handheld one. So when you put your watch next to the scanner, it will do this. That's it. You're done. Super easy to use Apple Watch. And you don't have to [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] It's a lot of fun to use. And you don't have to bring the, the watch face and touch the merchant terminal. Soon as you get close to it, you'll get the audible noise that you heard and you also get haptic feedback on your wrist so you know the transaction was done. Super, super easy to do