[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Jessica Dolcourt for CNet here at Qualcomm headquarters in San Diego, and I'm gonna demo a technology that is near and dear to my heart. It's wireless charging. Now, Qualcomm calls this Wipower, this is their particular solution and here's how it works. Just bear with me. We've got a wireless charging pad right here on the table and imagine that this is something that's embedded underneath the surface like a conference table or a desk or it could even be embedded in it but probably underneath. So this will represent our surface like a table. You lay it on top of this charging area. And then from there you can just take any device that is compatible with wireless charging and drop it anywhere on this area as long as it's within the target, but it means you don't have to carefully align it. You can put it sideways and you can even use more than one device as long as it's compatible. Another really great attribute to this particular setup. Is that if you have other common household items, especially if they're made of metal, using other technologies they could really heat up, make things hot or even stop the wireless charging process. But that isn't the case here. So you have a couple. Different form factors that you can use. One is this sort of tabletop charging device beneath a surface and another is something that stands straight up. Like this demo here for the tablet. So we'll have more information for this at cnet.com go check it out. I'm Jessica Dolcourt. [MUSIC]