It's less than six months since Sony's last flagship phone, but here we are again with a new flagship called the XZ Premium. It's here way too soon, but I think the XZ Premium is a great looking phone. The metal chassis has curved glass in the front and back. And the chrome version is so shiny it doubles up as a mirror to make sure your hair is totally on point. The camera resolution has dropped to 19 megapixels from 23 on its predecessor, but the pixels themselves are larger, which should help with both low light shots and achieving a more even exposure, some things that Sony's phones have struggled with in the past. A super slow motion function has been added the video mode too. While many phones have done slow motion for a while, the [UNKNOWN] Premium can shoot at 960 frames a second to slow the action down even further. If you already enjoy slow motion videos of your dog jumping for a treat or your friends faceplanting off their skateboard, you'll love the super slow mo here. The 5.5 inch display has a 4K resolution and high dynamic range, which Sony states is a first on a smartphone. This should help give much richer colors, which I'm looking forward to testing in the full review. The XZ Premium is joined by a slightly less high end sibling in the form of the XZS. It looks identical to Sony's previous XZ phone, but packed with new camera tech from the premium sibling, including the cool slow-mo video. But sadly, no word on pricing yet for either phone, but don't expect them to come cheap. We'll find out more when they go on sale later this year. [BLANK_AUDIO]