[MUSIC] St. Monica's Church has been serving the Los Angeles area for more than a century. But it's their use of high tech live streaming technology that's now helping the Parish reach people as far as Germany, and connecting to family members for special occasions. So, this is a substitute for coming to a funeral, coming to a wedding, but it does keep the connection<< Of people. And for people that cannot do it, it's a wonderful opportunity. [MUSIC] The church's first live stream on Christmas 2012 got 20,000 views. Now, they stream a weekly Sunday mass that gets around 2,500 views. They also show a mix of weddings and memorial services. We vary all kinds of different People of different lives, of faith and stuff, because we're the largest church in the city of Santa Monica, so it's a place where people come. Over the years, a lot of people have asked me if there was the capacity to live stream. The church has four cameras, two around the altar and two under the rear choir loft. They are either stationary or robotic. So there's no camera people roaming around during somber events. It's really unobtrusive, so people don't feel like they're on camera. They don't feel like something is intruding upon what is a very difficult day.>>A volunteer director in a control room switches the camera view and adds graphics for the Livestream broadcast. It's not as easy as holding up a phone to Skype or FaceTime. St. Monica's has considered everything, from syncing audio to bandwidth for HD streaming. Some of the legal aspects you are gonna have to consider are the consent. For the people entering the church. Usually you need some general sign posted letting people know that the mass is being filmed. The church charges a small fee to cover the streaming costs for funerals and weddings, but it says it doesn't profit from it. In Santa Monica, [UNKNOWN], CNET.com for CBS News. [MUSIC]