But, lastly, the tech industry is working with the government to ensure that Russia's influence in the 2016 elections don't happen again for the mid terms. So Apple, Google, Facebook, and others met with US intelligence officials last month. Obviously disinformation was one of the big strategy tactics from Russia. I mean, do you think it's gonna happen again? No yeah it's definitely going to happen again. They're already, there's a lot that's going on currently that we probably don't know about yet in the same way that all the attacks happened in 2016 that we didn't really realize until a whole year later. Yeah Scott brought that point up, right? Earlier, basically this idea that yeah, we know what to look out for. Except Russia is probably gonna do something completely different now, right? Yeah, they've kinda moved on, and I think, from security experts that I've spoken with about this, the idea is that the 2018 election is the testing ground to see what works and then that's what they're going full throttle for in 2020. Well, scary stuff. It's like Jurassic Park syndrome. You always test for the wrong thing, then you realize the park has other problems. [LAUGH]