Would you pay a celebrity or even a minor celebrity for a personalized video shout-out? Hey Jeff, it's Tori Spelling here. Hello Jenny, Perez Hilton here! Yo, Ted, what's up man, it's Ryan Cabrera here. Well, now you can. Thanks to a startup called cameo. People are requesting everything from good luck messages to birthday greetings like this one from comedian Theo Von who is one of more than a thousand celebrities on the website. Hi Ness, what's up man? It is your favorite comedian Teo Bond and I just wanna say hope your birthday weekend was awesome and I appreciate you to come out and be a supporter of my comedy. Hey, remember the rapper Omarion? Well, he's got some good vibes to send your way. Happy birthday, Lucretia. [LAUGH] What's goodie? So this is obviously from your best friend, you know what I'm saying? She wanted me to say happy birthday to you. She said you are the most creative, kind person, and you love me. And this guy's friends told hair spray actress Nikki Blonsky just how much he likes the movie soundtrack. Thank you so much for being a fan of Hairspray. Your friends Amanda and Conner set this up. And they told me that you listen to Good Morning Baltimore every morning when you wake up. You're a better person than me, because I don't. Cameo launched in 2017. And so far celebrities have recorded more than 30,000 videos. Price various from a few bucks on up and it can take anywhere from a couple hours to a few days to get a video back. Now, if you want Dennis Rodman to swear at you for not inviting him to your wedding. That'll run you a thousand dollars. Market Megan, guess who? D Rod, Dennis Rodman, formally with the Chicago Bulls. Heard you guys are getting married. If so, congratulations. See I'm running out of cigars right now, but I wish I was there, baby. Where's my invite? Where's my invite? [BLEEP] A video shoutout from a real housewife or a A YouTuber, might just be the perfect gift for someone you know and the celebrity in question will probably get a little bit of social media buzz out of it too. But hey, if you are going to ask Dennis Rodman to congratulate you on your wedding, make sure you invited him.