[MUSIC] All right, so we need to talk about net neutrality. California's actually weighing a bill right now that would actually provide the strongest protections out there for open internet. But there is, surprise, surprise, political in-fighting that is threatening to water it down ultimately. It's surprising actually that is a Democrat, Democratic Assemblyman from Los Angeles. Is introducing amendments to the existing proposals that would kinda strip out the power of these bills. It's just sort of the next turn of the wheel, the net neutrality soap opera. If this passes, So is like one of those scenarios where because there's so many companies in California that it would kinda affect the rest of the country? It's not just companies in California. Basicically any company who has to do business with California would have to honor those rules and if you're honoring those rules for one state you kinda have to do that for everything. Especially a state as large as California. We'll see what happens. Again, there's gonna be [UNKNOWN] on this later today, so we'll give you updates as they come along.