[MUSIC] How would you like to turn on your TV, switch inputs and start watching a show using just the power of your voice? That's the promise of CAAVO. A new home entertainment device coming this fall for 400 bucks. Think of it as a smarter version of a universal remote control. The two pieces consist of the remote and a box that sits in your entertainment center. You can connect your gear such as your cable or satellite box, Apple TV, Roku, or game console to any of its HDMI inputs and connect its output to your television. The box has an [UNKNOWN] so you can stash it out of sight and USB ports for power. It comes in a choice of wood grain finishes, seen here is bamboo. The second piece of the universal mode itself. As most standard keys such as the circular curse of control, power and menu command in numeric keypad. Big difference is voice control. Speaking of the quicker command is simple as watch dead cool or watch cooking channel and assistance bring to the action. It turns on the TV, switches to the correct device, and begins playing what you asked for. The key is integration of your watch list across various streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and even your DVR. Caavo knows which show is on which service, and which episode you last watched, as well as which device you prefer to use for each service. You can tell it you prefer to watch Hulu on your Roku, for example, and next time you say Empire, it'll just start playing the show. You can also use an Alexa device instead of the remote to issue commands and Cabos says the Google Home support is being added too. The system also works with Airplay and Google Cast, so you can initiate and control playback of videos from apps on your phone In addition to voice and watch lists, Cama has the cool ability to let you keep using your original device remote controls and game controllers. Traditional universal remotes, like Harmony, lose track of devices if you try that. Cama is more expensive than a typical Harmony, but it also Promises to make watching your favorite TV shows and movies as simple as possible. We're looking forward to testing it in full when it comes out later this year. [MUSIC]