[MUSIC] Meet Bridget, she's just your average girl next door texting a new friend she made on her smart phone. [INAUDIBLE] But the friend isn't human, it's a chatbot. These chatbots are programs that can answer basic questions or fetch information quickly. But bots can only understand certain phrases. Looks like Bridget found some new chatbots on the Facebook Messenger service. This bot tells her the top news stories of the day. But it's not so good at holding conversations. [MUSIC] Some bots want to help you got shopping inside the chat window. But it limits how much you can browse. That's a nice one. Maybe she'll finally find something to get the boys to pay attention to her. Looks like Bridget is having fun with Poncho, the weather app bot. Careful Bridget, looks like Poncho is trolling you again. Don't let a bot hurt your feelings. This type of simple task box can also be found on other chatting services such as Skype, and Telegram. And it will do all sort of tasks. Mr. Narrator. Yes Bridgette? Would box replaced the need for Smartphone app? Maybe someday soon, that's what Microsoft and Facebook are hoping for. But don't worry, today's bots aren't that advanced yet. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO]