[MUSIC] This in the old days was a Blackberry keyboard. What's old is new again, with the Blackberry KEYone, which melds a frankly kind of cramped physical keyboard with Android Nougat software. You'll still have a 4.5 inch Touchscreen for everything you need to do. The phone is full of tricks. You can swipe the keyboard to switch screens and assign up to 52 keyboard shortcuts to launch different apps and tasks. There's split screen mode that's to Android Nougat and a convenience key that you can program to lauch Google Voice Search, the camera, or any other app For a quick peek at your daily calendar and tasks, you can swipe this little tab from any screen and get the bearings of your day. A settings menu here lets you customize the tab's height, location and even transparency. The [UNKNOWN] hasn't forgotten about longtime Blackberry fans either. You'll find BBM for messaging other Blackberry users, the DTEK security software, and tons of shortcuts for power users to plow right into tasks. As for the rest of the phone, there's a soft-touch back cover and metal frame, a 12-megapixel camera on the back, and an eight Eight megapixel camera up front, and a fingerprint sensor built right into the keyboard. You'll charge it through a USB-C port. The [UNKNOWN] is shaping up to be a bold comeback phone, packed with plenty of goodies for fans of the Blackberry brand. It'll compete on a high end, and start selling globally in April. [MUSIC]