[MUSIC] Blackberry is back with the Key 2 LE, a slick phone designed to be a cheaper, more accessible counterpart to the Key 2, which the company unveiled at an event in New York earlier this year. The [UNKNOWN] is [UNKNOWN] and sensible side with three color options. [UNKNOWN] champaigne in a seriously eye catching atomic red. A dedicated command button on the side of the [UNKNOWN] allows you to jump straight into a switch of Google apps. Press and hold or double tap the key and you get quick access to Google Voice and Google [UNKNOWN] [INAUDIBLE] promises that while the Key 2 Ellie has a smaller battery than the Key 2, it offers superior power management tools. And it will prompt you to charge your phone according to recognition of your daily habits and also the quieter spots in your calendar. It also offers the option to clone certain apps including Instagram, FaceBook messengar and What's App. Allowing you to manage multiple accounts from one device. The Blackberry Q2LE will be available in 32 gigabyte and 64 gigabyte models in the US, the UK and the other markets globally around the end of September. [MUSIC]