A lot of people suddenly care about net neutrality, but they don't really understand what it means. So what better way to explain it than over a beer? [MUSIC] [SOUND] Let's say the bartender is your internet service provider, like Comcast or Verizon. And these beers on tap, those are the websites. Hey can you pour me a Netflix? You would expect every website to be served up to you at the same speed, each poured the same That's net neutrality and some believe there should be regulations to make sure our internet bartenders treat all web services and traffic equally. And they serve that up pretty quick. But what if they didn't? [MUSIC] You see without rules people fear these internet bartenders. May start acting like jerks. They could slow down the flow of one website that they don't like. Or block certain sites altogether. Yeah, and there's the idea that some websites will pay more to get to you faster. Call it an express bout. I'll have a, that was zippy. What do they pay you more for this? [MUSIC] Some people don't think you need net neutrality rules because the market will self regulate. Bartenders will play nice because they don't to annoy customers and lose business. Others say you do need the rules. After all Why does a bartender have to play fair if he's the only bar in town? [MUSIC] And there's another issue. Those who control the pipes have incentive to hurt competitors. Comcast owns NBC. Verizon owns Yahoo!. The bar would rather serve its own brew. So what can you do? The fate of the Internet is in the hands of our government and it's up to you to decide how you feel about that. [MUSIC] Doesn't really go down so smooth. [MUSIC]