[MUSIC] Each has introduced three new wireless headphones ahead of the holiday buying season. But only this one, the Beats X, is a truly new headphone and the first one designed with the help of Apple's design and engineering teams. You probably won't see it in stores until November. But I got an early listen and was pretty impressed with both the fit and sound of Beats' first neckband style headphone. The band itself, which Beats calls a flex form cable, has two wires running through it that are made out of a nickel titanium alloy which was developed by the US Navy in the 1950s and is apparently very malleable, durable, and light weight. The key to it here is that it gives the band just enough rigidity and allows you to roll up the headphones so it fits in an included compact carrying case. You can't do that with an LG Tone headset. The match type buds adhere to each other when you're not using them, and they did fit my ears well. They house eight millimeter drivers, and the Beats X sounds natural for a bluetooth headphone with good detail, and strong bass that isn't overpowering. Like Apple's Airpods, X also incorporates Apples new custom low power bluetooth chip, the W1 And delivers up to eight hours of batter life, which is decent. On top of that, if you give the headphone a quick five minute charge via its lightning port, yes I said lightning, not USB, you get two hours of usage. Beats calls this quick charge feature Fast Fuel. To get a more secure fit if you're running or doing something athletic, You also get a couple sets of wingtips, the x is sweat resistant, has an integrated microphone, and Beatz has redesigned the remote tuck button to make it more tactile and responsive. At $150 this headphone isn't cheap but it Is the least expensive wireless headphones from Beats and costs less than Apple's AirPods and sounds better. I'm David Connor from Cnet.com and those are the BeatsX earphones coming this fall and definitely worth checking out.