Alexa the virtual assistant has come a long way over the past few years. Here are a few tips whether you use an Amazon Echo, Dot, or Tap. If you prefer Spotify to Amazon Music, just open the Alexa app, then go to settings, music and media. Choose default services and select Spotify. Now you can just say Alexa play 90's music. 90's from Spotify. And it will play straight from your Spotify premium account. You can also change the default Wakewood just by going to settings click your device name and Wakewood. You can enable skills in the apps, but you can also now add them with your voice. Just say Alexa, enable Jeopardy. Okay, I've enabled it. To start, just say Alexa, play Jeopardy. You can also ask some more complex questions like Alexa, play the song that goes the Mississippi delta with shining light and national guitar. Graceland by Paul Simon [MUSIC] This was is the song found on prime music [MUSIC] Now speaking of prime you can also order anything on prime using your voice. Just say, Alexa ordered a Ninja Master Prep Professional. The top result for Ninja Master Prep Professional is Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004. It's $51.03 total, would you like to buy now? You can also order a Dominos pizza, or even a ride just by adding the appropriate skill. Alexa? [MUSIC] Ask at least how much it will cost to get to work. Getting a lift drive from home to work will cost between $8 and $15 including a 25% primetime surcharge. [MUSIC] If you use the [UNKNOWN] as a bluetooth speaker, just say Alexa pay bluetooth and then pay your device. Ready to pair. Go to the bluetooth settings on your mobile device and choose Echo-057. Now connected to Lexie's iPhone. You don't have to wait for the light to know that Alexa is listening either. Just go into your settings, then choose the name of your device. Sounds and notifications, and then toggle on start of request sound. To make sure it's heard you, enable the end of request sound. [SOUND] For more Alexa tips and tricks go to [MUSIC] Alexa, you suck. You can always send feedback through the Electra app. [LAUGH] Yeah right. Hey [APPLAUSE]