Speaker 1: With our huge success. I'm introducing two screen laptops demo do and nimble producers. Asus is going to take innovation to the next label. In two San 22, we are proud to unveil the book 17 fold. Orle the world's first 70 inch portable Orle laptop. According to IDC, 2021, [00:00:30] portable noble is huge for next generation for features, bigger screens, portable design, compact and easy to carry are thet appears that excite users double here is to make dreams come true and to dead incredible unfold. Speaker 1: [00:01:00] The new devil 17 four, all possibilities. It is an easy take care device unfolded. And when unfolded it is a larger display, let's [00:01:30] give you external visual experience with our expertise in peace industry, ASU 17 fold or eight is a laptop that has it. All. It is designed to break and to fulfill multiple user scenario in one device D 17 4 8 works properly as a later. And it's ideal for TRAs. You can use a virtual keyboard in onscreen keyboard mode or press the wireless keyboard on the low screen in [00:02:00] laptop mode. In addition them book save T four eight can do much more than that. To enjoy the full portrait display in extend mode, you can research your vocation spa on the other screen and build the hotel on the lower screen. Holiday booking has never been this easy unfold to maximize the screen. This is now the powerful 17 inch PC for multitask. You can walk on the spreadsheet, the conference call [00:02:30] and the sales report. At the same time Speaker 1: In more mode, you can relax and read whatever you want. The a already spray. It means 70% less harmful pool line than the OCD display. So your eyes are protected from strain and discomfort. The bigger, the better. If you need to use Google. My search ING, the task screen in Temo is a perfect solution. Thanks to the vivid already [00:03:00] display. There is no set by and Pento. 17 4 8 is able to give you an immersive visual experience. When it comes to older experience, you'll also be impressed by the sound delivered by the certified plus speakers and, and the do OT audio system to call di 17 for smart and secure is understate. Our STI camera with ATA lock is [00:03:30] powered by the new individual sensing controller and is simulating works with windows. Hello for your approach, the laptop, the device will wake up instantly. And when you move away from the laptop, you will lock security over the screen. Speaker 1: Brandness will be decreased to save better your life. When you look away, there is also a color sensor that automatically adjust brightness [00:04:00] and color temperature of the screen. According to the environment you are in for an optimal user experience, D 17 4 8 is equipped with a new, a Al sense. Bluetooth. Keep the touch pad also has ultra smooth surface for easy navigation. The innovative 180 degree precision engineer hinge undergoes at least 30,000 cycle. Total test less stand [00:04:30] for ultimate durability. Di 17 fold eight is power by the latest generation into processor until Iris se graphics and 1 56 E. In addition, it comes with the 75 wa battery for longer, better life. It is born for the fast past lifestyle. The chassis is only 8.7. Imeter seen when unfolded it is crafted in Magna lower [00:05:00] and finished in tech break, bronch color materials to the finish. Then book 17, 4 8, redefine a premium laptop offering everything you need. So you will never have to settle for less. More project with micro innovation will be released early this year. Stay tuned for our outcoming events.