[MUSIC] If you think all Chromebooks are cheap, bargain basement laptops, you're wrong. There's a small crop of high end Chromebooks on the come-up and this Asus is one of them. The 12.5 inch Asus Chromebook Flip has a sleek, all aluminum design that looks and feels high end, with compact dimensions that make it effortless to carry around. It also has a 360 degree hinge that allows the screen to flip back so you can use it as a tablet. It's not an exact replacement for your iPad or android tablet, but it comes in handy if you ever need it. You can also prop it up like a tent for watching video. The Asus Chromebook only has two ports. Two USB type-c and they don't support Thunderbolt 3. There's also a micro SD card slot on the right edge and volume rocker and power button on the left. With an Intel Core M3 processor the Ace's chromebook performed swimmingly. Performance rarely slow down a lot, even if multiple apps and tabs are open at the same time. The only time I notice any lag was when I was downloading video. However, that's usually the case with most devices. Its battery life is also pretty decent, averaging a little under ten hours in our testing. What's the catch? Well, it costs $500. Now that's cheap in comparison to MacBooks and some Windows 10 laptops. But it's expensive if you're simply interested in a cheap laptop like the $200 Hisense Chromebook. However, the Asus Chromebook's solid and speedy performance and its flux and perfectly compact 2-in-1 design make it unique. If you're interested in a stylish and capable Chromebook that can double as a tablet, the Asus Chromebook Flip is the way to go.