So my name is Maki Kaplinsky, I'm the CEO and co-founder of NFT Inc. My name is Guy Kaplinsky, I'm the co-founder and chairman of NFT. So Aska is a door-to-door driving [UNKNOWN] vehicle, where you drive on the road like a car, you open wings, take off vertically, And fly autonomously. And then land and you unfold, you close the wings and you drive off. We complete our register of all our patterns and now is the time that we reveal the design. That in order to reach for early next year q1 next year, we will start a flight that We are size of a big SUV. We can park on a street garage, You can charge at an existing charging station. We need launch pad of 65 and 65 feet. For taking off and landing. You can just drive in and out where those fly only solutions they will need special terminals special parking places or charging stations. So minimum investment in infrastructure is required here. In the morning. You're either on subscription based model or ownership model, the ASPCA will wait for you and pick you up from your house, drive you to area that we can take off taking, off and flying into the destination that you are landing, and drive you. To work so it's a door to door on the same vehicle taking you. I'm a mother with three kids. So like mom and three kids would feel comfortable using it. So we have high redundency in terms of safety like something goes wrong then we can still make the safe landing [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC]