The race is on for augmented reality on your phone. Google announced AR Core's software development kit that brings augmented reality capabilities to current and future android phones. AR Core will support motion tracking by using a Phone's cameras to help accurately place objects. Environmental understanding to the tech horizontal services like Tables. And light estimation to allow developers to lie virtual objects that match its surroundings. Now, Pok��mon Go can really be credited As the breakthrough app that demonstrated augmented reality's power to mainstream consumers. It's clear Android had to make a move after Apple announced their own augmented reality platform called ARKIt in June. Now developers have been showing off amazing ARKit demos Like this augmented [INAUDIBLE] tape measure. And if you thought that was cool, how about TRIXI STUDIOS' [INAUDIBLE] music video, mind blowing. Now you don't think google wants any of that with more than two billion active Android devices on the market today? Android developers can start working with [INAUDIBLE] right now on the pixel And the Galaxy S8 running 7.0 nougat empire. They're working with other manufacturers like LG, Huawei, Asus, Samsung and others to get consistent performance on other android phones with the target 100 million devices by the end of the developer preview. i'm Brian Tong, stick with us for the latest news and break downs about AR core and more on