Sitting right next to me is a 15 inch Macbook Pro with touch bar. It is not Apple's new 15 inch Macbook Pro with touch bar but it looks exactly the same because all the updates that Apple has for its Macbook Pros are internal. Component updates, you're gonna find new parts inside the 13 and 15 inch Macbook pros, but only the models with the touch bar. 12 inch Macbook unchanged, Macbook air, unchanged. 13 inch Macbook Pro without the touch bar Also unchanged. But if you wanna buy a 13 or 15 with a touchbar here is what is new starting right now. The biggest thing is probably the move to 8th gen Intel processors, you get a core i5 or i7 in the 13 inch quad core and you can get up to a 6 core i7 or i9 that's new In the 15 inch model. You've also got more options for RAM and storage up to 32 Gigs of RAM the top storage now goes from 1 terabyte to 2 in the 13 inch from 2 terabytes to 4 in the 15 inch. Here's something that's moving over from the iPhones and iPad Pro, it's True Tone. That is a color system where it uses [UNKNOWN] to change the color temperature of what you see depending on what the lighting and other conditions are around you The T1 chip that powered the fingerprint reader and other security stuff beneath the touch bar has now been replaced by the T2 chip, that before now you only had in the still fairly new iMac Pro, and that encrypts the information for your passwords and your fingerprint and disc encryptions And your secure boot process so a little bit of a step up there. You can also now wake up Siri just by saying hey Siri, just like you do on your iPhone. But I know all this is prelude to what you really wanna know about? Did they go back and fix the keyboard problem where a lot of people say the super flat keyboard, love it or hate it Gets stuck a lot. If you have some debris, or crumbs, or even dust under the keys, they can stop working. You have to clean them out or turn it upside down, or take it to the Apple store to get it fixed. Sometimes you can't fix it. Well Apple has a new keyboard in these models. They call it the third generation of this keyboard. It is designed to be Quieter than the previous version. So less clacky-clacky while you're typing. However, they say there's nothing specifically different about it to address that dust sticky-key problem. If you're looking something to fix that, a bigger. Keyboard change, you may have to wait for future upgrades. Now keep in mind, all these changes are only coming to the 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook proud models with the touch bar. Everything else is unchanged. Also, if you get one of these new guys available starting today, the prices are the same as they were before so at least you get a bit more your money