Speaker 1: Our pro models feature beautiful and strong surgical grade stainless steel together with our industry. Leading durability features, including ceramic shield and water resistance. They come in four gorgeous colors, a new space, FLA silver gold, and this all new deep purple iPhone 14 pro introduces a new front design that is sure to become iconic. [00:00:30] It starts with the new trued up camera. We redesigned all components to fit into a smaller size using 30% less area. We put the proximity sensor behind the display for the first time with this change, we reconsidered how you interact with your iPhone throughout the day. You experience different types of alerts and notifications, and these are often happening while you're doing other things on your iPhone. So we developed a new experience. That's even better. Here's Allen to tell you more. Speaker 2: [00:01:00] Our goal was to design a space that clearly and consistently surfaces alerts and background activity in a rich and delightful way. The result being an entirely new and intuitive way to interact with iPhone one that truly blurs the line between hardware and software. We're calling it the dynamic island. We've designed this new space to be highly adaptive, so it can fluidly expand into different shapes using uniquely crafted animations [00:01:30] and transitions. So now when you receive an alert, the dynamic island expands to notify you. Our ambition is to clearly convey the information and present content and controls without distracting from the app you're in this works across the entire system for things like confirming your AirPods are connected, muting, or starting a charge. Each alert has its own personality, and it's been designed with ITSs own unique character, making it easy to identify the glance like when you're using [00:02:00] face ID or tapping your iPhone and transit locations. Speaker 2: The dynamic island also displays ongoing background activity. Like when you're playing music, when you swipe to go home, the music app gracefully morphs into the dynamic island, always staying active and visible, and we've even designed it to show the current album art. It's also completely interactive. You can tap and hold to expose more options or tap to go back to the app. So now when you're on a call, you have easy access [00:02:30] to controls without leaving the app you're using, we've designed all these animations to feel fluid, lively, and highly responsive. The dynamic island is always live and active heightening the sense of vitality by adapting in real time to show you important information like your next direction from maps. And it's always visible for ongoing activities. Like when you're using the timer, we've designed live activities, a new feature on the iOS 16 lock stream to work [00:03:00] seamlessly with the dynamic island, including support for third party apps. Speaker 2: So you can keep track of what's happening from anywhere on iPhone, like following a baseball game, without needing to leave the app you're in or not missing the lift ride. While texting friends, we've also created a robust design system for developers. So every alert looks and feels consistent no matter which app comes from. And when you have more than one background activity, the dynamic island playfully adapts bubbling out into two [00:03:30] elements at apple. We're focused on creating extraordinary products, products, born from designing hardware and software together. So you don't know where one ends and the other begins. The dynamic island does this in a truly magical way and enables an entirely new iPhone experience.