July 10th marks the 10th anniversary of the Apple App Store. First announced by Steve Jobs in March of 2008, the stored rolled out to iPhone users a few months later with 500 apps. Since then the App Store has amassed over two million apps and generated $100 billion for developers. Which apps top the charts? According to App Annie, the Facebook app is the most downloaded app of all time followed by Messenger, YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp. But that's not necessarily where people are spending most of their time. The That number one spot belongs to Netflix. Then, Spotify, Pandora Radio, Chinese video streaming app Ten Cent, and Tinder is at number 5. Streaming services may dominate our screen time now, but back in 2010 it was Called Documents To Go, where users spent most of their time. This $5 document reader allowed you to view and sometimes edit Word docs, PDFs, PowerPoints, and Excel docs. Back in a more productive era when we actually used phones as more of a business tool than a way to binge watch shows and stalk people on social media. Here's hoping the next ten years of the app store brings back a little more productivity to our digital life.