Series 2 comes in a wide variety of styles. We have cases in aluminum and stainless steel as well as a new material we've been working on for quite some time, ceramic. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] This new white Apple Watch in ceramic has this gorgeous pearl like shine in it. The finish is remarkably smooth. It's actually four times harder than stainless steel so it's this ultimate combination of beauty and strength. And it looks great paired with a variety of bands. We think it's going to be a wonderful addition to the Apple watch family. The Apple Watch Nike plus. This isn't just a watch it's your perfect running partner. It's simple it's fun and it's easy to use. And we think it delivers the best running experience that's out there. Starting a run has never been easier. And we give you a shortcut that takes you straight into your run. And if you prefer, you can just tell Siri to start a run and off you go. It's that simple. But when you go out for a run, you don't want to be distracted. So we give you just what you need at a glance. Your distance or your pace on that big clear screen. And if you're the type though who really wants a lot of details. We've always got advanced mode just for you. But one of the biggest hurdles that all runners face is actually motivation. So we started with a simple idea of an invitation. Are we running today? And we motivate you to insightful Invitations personalized just for you. Been a few days since your last run? Maybe the weather isn't perfect, or it is perfect today, you can get out. And if your friends have a head start, we'll let you know. Jeff's got two miles ahead. Clearly, I gotta catch up. Woo! [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] We also know- [APPLAUSE] Thank you, we also know that those who run on Sundays are more active and will be more active throughout the rest of the week. So every Sunday we invite you to join runners from all around the world to run at your own pace wherever you are, we call it Just do it Sundays. With invitations like this running is made easier and simply a part of your life. Now most devices today, they focus solely on data and metrics. Not this one. The Apple Watch Nike Plus focuses on you and your life. It's a powerful device with a simple solution. Your perfect running partner. And it's available in four amazing, cool colors. And we can't wait for you to try it out. Thank you. [APPLAUSE]