[MUSIC] Qualcomm has long been a supplier for Apple. It makes modems that let your iPhone connect to a mobile network. It also owns a lot of patents related to phones in general. So any handset maker has to licence Qualcomm's patents in order to release their phone. Apple says that they charge way to much for this licencing, it's not fair. Qualcomm says phones wouldn't be possible without their technology. So the two are fighting in courts, there battling over both licencing and also patents themselves. [MUSIC] There are three cases going on that involve Qualcomm and Apple. The first is an FTC trial that accused Qualcomm of operating a monopoly in the way that it dealt with licensing its In that case, the sides argued in January and it's now in the hands of a judge. The second trial is in March in San Diego and in this case, QualCom accused Apple of infringing some of its patents. They'll also meet in April over licensing, and in this case, Apple said that QualCom charges too much for licensing fees and it wants QualCom to charge less. [MUSIC] During the FTC trial, Apple's Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Williams, said that Qualcomm wouldn't supply chips to it because Apple had stopped paying for licensing and it wouldn't sign a new license. Qualcomm has said that they wanna work with Apple. That they'd like to supply them chips. But they also don't just wanna hand out their chips for free. So the two are really fighting. What it looks like is that Apple's gonna be late with 5G. it's been relying on Intel for 5G trips and Intel's not going to have anything ready until later this year or even next year. So, what that means is we could see something from Samsung, LG, Huawei, pretty much every android handset maker before we see a 5G iPhone Qualcomm's president said in December that pretty much every handset maker who uses Android and uses Qualcomm chips will have a 5G phone in the market by the end of this year. Apple, because it uses Intel chips and will probably use Intel chips in its next phone, may not have 5G ready. [MUSIC]