To tell you more about what we have in store for the home, let me pass it to your caisson. Thanks, Craig. Let's start by talking about the smart home. With home kit, we've given developers a robust framework to create Smart Home accessories that are remarkably easy to set up, all by being into end encrypted to your Apple devices. Already, there's a rich ecosystem of devices available. But we want to make it even easier to build products that work across more homes. So, we formed an alliance and partner with Amazon, Google and other industry leaders to define a new interoperability standard for the smart home. We open sourced home kit To insure its ease of use and privacy are core to this effort. And any accessory using home kit or this new standard will work incredibly well across all your Apple devices. And you control it all in the Home app, the most secure way to manage your smart home. Adding new devices to your home has never been easier. Simply tap or scan to set up an accessory, and an iOS 14 after you add an accessory, the Home app will now suggest useful automation so you can immediately put your new device to work for you. Automations are rules that set your home to autopilot like automatically turning on your porch lights when motion is detected. Having the garage door open as you arrive home. And now when you open the Home app, you'll see a new visual status right up top that prioritizes the accessories which most needs your attention. You can easily see if you left the door unlocked or the lights on and quickly control them. Let's take a closer look at one of the most popular categories of home kit accessories. Lights. Millions of us have already added smartphones to our homes, many of which can change color on demand. in Iowa's 14 we're introducing a feature to help you get the most out of those bulbs. Adaptive lighting. Adaptive lighting, automatically adjust the color temperature of your lights throughout the day. Turn it on to ease into the morning with warm colors. Stay focused and alert midday with cooler ones. And why not at night by reducing blue light. Adaptive lighting ensures you get the right color at the right time. Another popular Smart Home category is cameras. With homekit secure video, your cameras are completely private. And then IOS 14 when making your cameras work even harder for you. You'll be able to define activity zones that focus on the most important areas. This is great if you face a busy sidewalk and only want to be alerted when people actually walk up to your front door. Another powerful feature we're bringing the cameras is face recognition. Homekit cameras and video door bells will now provide even richer notifications, telling you who's there by leveraging the friends and family you've already tagged in your Photos app. Face Recognition extends the home pod announcing who's at the door. And with Apple TV, you'll get a live view whenever someone rings the bell. In fact, all your home kit and they will cameras will be directly integrated with TV os 14, so you can quickly bring them up in the new home view and control center. Or just ask Siri to pull up any camera at any time. You can even take any camera full screen, give you a great view of what's going on.