Apple's not done with the Mac Pro. Apple introduced its radically redesigned Mac Pro back in December 2013, and for the first time since its release the Mac Pro just got an upgrade. A modest one at that. The new Mac Pros will come in two models, one with a six core processor, and a new model with an eight core processor along with upgraded GPUs. The original models feature quad and six core processors. Otherwise you are not going to find much else that is different. There is no thunderbolt three or USB C. This is a small spec phone. So is that it for the MacBook Pro? Nope. Phil Schiller made a statement to reporters saying regards to the Mac Pro we are in the process of what we call completely rethinking the Mac Pro. He went on to say that the new Mac Pro is a modular system, and the company will also introduce a new Pro display. Schiller says these products are not coming out this year. However, the company also said new iMacs are coming later this year. Schiller says it will not have a touch screen, in case you were wondering. It's pretty unusual for Apple to officially mention its lineup of new products. So if you were thinking about buying a new iMAC or MAC Pro, you might want to wait. When those machines come out, we'll put them through our battery of tests, right here at I'm Izaz Atar and I'll see you, online.