You're looking at the new Apple TV 4K. On the outside, it was exactly like the older non 4K version was a couple years ago, but there's one big difference. Only this one can stream the highest quality video available today. Let's take a look, The first thing you know that the Apple TV 4K is the only donors the top quality video to [INAUDIBLE] TV's. If you have a 4K TV Especially one with high dynamic range, AKA HDR, your set. This little box can also stream in Dolby Vision, another HDR format used by some Tv's as well as Netflix, Amazon, and others. I tested it with a bunch of 4K and HDR video on a variety of televisions, including this excellent LG OLED. The Apple TV's performance was top notch. But as with any other 4K HDR source, don't expect miracles. The difference between 4K and lower resolution video is often tough to spot. HDR provides a more visible improvement, boosting highlights for additional pop and improving color, but its impact varies. Different movies and TV shows take more advantage of HDR than others. Even the best won't give you the same boost you saw when going from standard def to high def all those years ago. In an unusual move, the new Apple TV 4K also converts everything to 4K and HDR. From the menus, to games, to YouTube videos. It doesn't improve their image quality much, but it does mean you might get indicators from your TV that it's receiving HDR or Dolby Vision content even when it's not. For an Apple product I think that's unnecessarily confusing and hopefully it gets fixed. One real improvement compared to the non-4k AppleTV is this little raised white ring on the remote, which allowed me to easily which end was up and locate the crucial menu key by feel. The remote sleek touch pad is still one of my favorites and zipping around those responsive menus quick and a lot more fun than some dumb buttons. Talking into the remote also invokes Siri on Apple TV. She still doesn't talk back, like she does in your phone, but she can make finding 4K content easier, just ask. Show me TV shows in 4k. The results draw heavily from iTunes and Netflix, that's changing soon Amazon with this large 4K HDR library coming before the end of they year. In the meantime, iTunes has a solid selection of 4K and HDR stuff, if you buy a TV show or Movie there it will be automatically converted to 4K when the iTunes version's available. iTunes also has lower prices than competitors like Vudu and Google Play, for a lot of it's 4K and HD movies. [MUSIC] Making it a very good choice for renting or buying new releases in the highest quality format. The new Apple TV 4K has a faster processor than the original. But in practice, both seem equally zippy. Loading apps, images, and videos with a [UNKNOWN]. But the price difference is just 30 bucks, so I recommend getting the 4k version even if you don't yet own a 4K TV. That way you will be ready for tomorrow. The Apple tv 4K costs a lot more than the competing 4K streamers from Amazon or Roku, but its polished interface, excellent voice and remote control and of course its massive selection of apps and games could make it worth the difference to you, even if you're not already ahead of the Apple user. I'm David [UNKNOWN]