I was thinking about this, because this is the first big redesign in 15 years. And it was Steve Jobs and Ron Johnson who did the first design of the Apple stores. Did that weigh on you? My gosh, following in Steve Jobs' footsteps here. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] You know, I think that anything you do at Apple, you feel a tremendous oweness You wanna carry on the legacy of what it meant, the main objective, our soul is our people. And our job is to enrich their lives, change the world. And so I think that's the bigger pressure you put on yourself. This is our store. It was in 2001 that the world got its first look inside an Apple store. We're so excited about this. But now the look and the feel of the stores is changing, thanks to Angela Ahrendts. We have a screen like this in 100 stores. Senior Vice President of Apple Retail. So how will we see the stores change? Probably the simplest way to describe it, because everything at Apple has to be simple. The way that we kinda talk about inside, we say this is the largest product that Apple produces. So if you think of it, the hardware, which is the architecture of the store. The software is what happens in the store and how we basically turn on Apple Music in the App Store. So we started with the hardware. In 100 of its biggest stores, like this San Francisco flagship. Apple's hardware update means new screens, and spaces for meetings and classes. The Genius Bar, now lined with trees, becomes the Genius Grove. And there's a more dimensional take on the genius. New staffers specialized in music and photography, called created pros. [LAUGH] It's the idea that the store will have all of these listed Classes, teachers, experiences that will be publicly posted that will draw more and more people in? Absolutely. So we call the software of the store that we're launching at the end of May, we call that, Today at Apple. That software will roll out across Apple's nearly 500 stores. Many of which will be changed literally overnight. [MUSIC] Ellen causes endeavour to create town's squares where customers engage with their devices and their communities' A lot of big online guys have said they're opening stores Amazon's investing in stores, Google's investing in stores. Starbucks figured it out, being a gathering place for, right, meet me at Starbucks. And I told the teams, I'll know we've done a really, really great job if the next generation, if Gen-Z says Meet me an Apple. Did you see what's going on at Apple today? Does that apply to Android and Samsung users, too? Absolutely, absolutely. And we have an incredible trade-up program that [LAUGH].