[MUSIC] Apple and Samsung went to court in 2012 and Apple won this huge judgement over Samsung. It's kind of been battling through the court, made it's way all the way to the Supreme Courts and was the question now is how much Samsung owe's Apple for infringing 5 of it's patents. In the past the damages could be based on the entire value, the entire profits for the whole phone Samsung said that wasn't fair, the Supreme Court Agreed. So no a lower court has to figure out how much Samsung actually has to pay Apple. [MUSIC] Apple initially won over a billion dollars in the judgement but kind of has been whittled away. Samsung ended up paying about $550 million to Apple. Our question now is $399 million. What devices does this include? Apple initially filed suit, saying that Samsung's Galaxy devices copied the IPhone. These are really old phones from Samsung. Their Galaxy S2 line is probably the one that The only one people have heard of. These are devices that haven't been sold for years. People don't even really use them anymore. So it's kind of all these old defunct devices. [MUSIC] Apple had accused Samsung of infringing five patents, three related to design, and two related to things like boune-back, and three utility patents. The three design patents relate to the rectangular shape of the phone, the bevel that goes around the side, and then the grid of icons. Samsung is going to argue that these are just a small part of the phone. They shouldn't have to pay as much in damages. [MUSIC] This has people wondering if this is finally the end of this long running saga. It probably isn't. After this happens, there will be more appeals, it will go through the process again, so we're probably not done with this for a while.