Let's talk about MacOS. MacOS Monterey gives you the power to accomplish more than ever, and helps you work fluidly across all of your devices. The incredible features we talked about earlier are going to be great for the ways you work on Mac, like the new capabilities in FaceTime, which help you look and sound your best while talking to coworkers or friends. Share play. It's just plain awesome to watch movies and shows together on your stunning Mac display, or share an app window as you collaborate on a project shared with you offers a totally new way to discover photos, articles and more that people share with you over messages. Right in your Mac Apps. And, when you're working hard on Mac, you can choose a Focus that syncs across all of your devices, helping reduce distracting notifications, so you can get the job done. Plus, QuickNote and Notes gives you versatile new ways to capture and organize your thoughts. And we have even more new features that make it easier to work across all your devices. Starting with continuity. Every device we make is powerful in its own way. And when you use them together, you unlock new experiences that feel truly magical. This year, we've created a completely new way to work across your devices with greater precision and speed. And we call it universal control, with universal control. You can now use a single mouse and keyboard to move between your Mac and iPad for a seamless experience. Universal control is so incredible. You just have to see it in action. Let me show it to you now. I'm putting the phone finishing touches on an illustration here on my iPad It's the last piece I need to finish a presentation that I have open on my Mac Book. Now, I'll just set my iPad down next to my Mac. And check this out without any other setup. I'm going to simply move my Mac cursor towards my iPad and the iPad automatically recognizes that and if I move a bit further Boom, my cursor is now on the iPad. How cool is that. And now I can move my cursor back and forth effortlessly between the two. With universal control I can even drag and drop files between my devices. I'm just going to take this drawing I finished on my iPad and drop it on the keynote on my Mac. Awesome. For our pros out there. Universal control works with more than two devices. So let's add this iMac into the mix. Now I can use the trackpad on my MacBook to control my iMac as well. I can also switch to use my IMAX keyboard and mouse in This is so cool. Watch this. Now I have a title, text image I've been working on here and procreate on my iPad. Now I'm gonna take this image and drag it across all three devices and drop it in to final cut. Just like that. That's why we're introducing AirPlay to Mac It works just like airplay today so it's instantly familiar. You can play present and share just about anything. As you draw sketch on iPad, your colleagues can follow along on the bigger display. And you can even take advantage of any Mac's of high fidelity sound by using it as an airplay speaker. [MUSIC] Airplay brings your Mac to life in whole new ways. With Mac OS Monterrey your devices work together like never before, making it more fluid to work across them. And this year we're bringing shortcuts to the Mac. The Mac is after all, where we turn for so much of our creative work. And now you can automate the everyday stuff to achieve peak productivity. You get access to a rich gallery of pre built shortcuts designed just for Mac, you can set up a shortcut to instantly share selected Files with your friends so they never miss a moment. And with the shortcuts editor, you can easily link together a series of actions to design shortcuts for your specific workflows. For instance, if you're a designer get right to work with the shortcut that opens Pinterest in one window, Affinity Photo and another and start your favorite playlist in Apple Music all in one click