Speaker 1: Today we're completely reimagining MacBook pro and it starts with the first pro chip designed for the Mac. This is M one for the next chip in the M one family. And it's a game changer. Now let's hand it over to Johnny for a deep dive into this remarkable new chip. Speaker 2: [00:00:30] The transition to up in Silicon is all about bringing its incredible performance, custom technologies and relentless focus on power efficiency to the Mac. And M one has done exactly that. Not only has it transformed our most popular systems, it has shocked the peace of world M one has been amazing for so many of our customers. However, there are some poor users who need even more and we wanted to build something great just [00:01:00] for them that what M1 P is all about. It's our next breakthrough chip for the Mac. Now building a PO Alto has been using a power hungry CPU and the K GPU, but the two chip architecture requires much more power and cooling. It also means the CPU and GPU have separate pools of memory. So they have to copy data back and forth over interface. No one has ever applied a system on a chip designed to a pro system until today. Speaker 2: And we did this [00:01:30] by scaling up M one's groundbreaking architecture to create a far more powerful chip with M we started by rearchitecting the chip fabric to enable the OTO scale while dub the width of the memory interface and user in faster, Dr. This lets M Oneo deliver up to 200 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth, nearly three times M one and its custom package supports up to 32 gigabytes of unified memory. The M [00:02:00] YPO die is built using the industry, leading five nanometer, passe technology, and features a massive 33.7 billion transistors. That's more than twice M one, all those transistors deliver even more performance starting with a 10 core CPU with eight high performance course and two high efficiency course delivering up to 70% faster CPU performance than M one for graphics. M YPO features 16 GP cores, eight more than M one. This additional [00:02:30] core along with increased memory bandwidth give up to two times faster graphics performance than M one O has our industry leading media engine that accelerates video processing while using very little power. And now it pushes even further with PS it's one of the highest quality cordex and professional video production. Adding P acceleration enables M one point to play multiple streams of 4k and eight K PS video, one using just a fraction of the [00:03:00] power. It's another key advantage of building our own S Silicon and finally IPO includes other advanced technologies for a complete persistent, like powerful engine to drive multiple displays and additional thunder boat controllers to deliver even more IO, bandwidth, and so much more. So that's M one four.