Mobile payment systems one of Prius from cash and cards that either ready to replace your wallet and which one is best this is Apple okay this is Samsung's hey. This is it will pay. Apple angle use NFC or near field communication to make a payment where you tap your phone on a terminal. Most north terminals come equipped with senate seat but not all. Samsung hey this is an exe and technology cool magnetic secure transmission. When you called assigned to attend though it sends a signal that simulates the magnetic strip on a cot. This means it Lex with all the Tamils and all three let you make a limited number of payments even when there's no signal. I didn't he just very seriously and using outlook payments. But why is not diet lots. I I actually appreciated having option. And our Apple. But he can't Francisco city that you would expect to be at a game items and if there's a lot of notes. I there. And that's a clear about is the Samsung pays because of that and it's neat yeah and can be up to be much everywhere and especially the mention is in its slow in updating its sales and it's they'll contact lists you're going to be hardly find that sad day. Thousand pay even though it's what's in 99 times out of a hundred and all of places that try that there is that one time. Where it's at different credits I'm not making it like that I had based system something that's a little bit different. Eat my way and it's really acting head. This topic but like I hope not and a Latin and T-Mobile payments and I given the beats feels that found that K and then it doesn't let him and I really impacts. Not just on your phone Apple pay works on other Apple products like the iPad and watched. Who've okay we'll work with newer Android phones and watches. And fencing paint is also unsung gear watches. They also work on mind that Apple pay has browser payments in safari and in several apps discontent with your fingerprint Leo thanks and your done. Google they'd just pulled out browser payments as well and Chrome safari and Firefox. But not many online store is using. Google and Samsung pay also weapons sites to ease visa check out if you're shopping on your fine. I look at something online and as a result I really it and it's got it that's about it like I opt in some might have. Do Apple and boom it's pretty seamless yeah that anything. That it's. Easy. On the downside Apple is that only that are okay. Any browser quiet and the one I did find it is okay which is really interesting when I did find an app that supported it up quite a few actually tells you that Apple exactly as. Through this app for it says that because. The site by an authority on box and you go in actually got breakfast and treated Google taking today. This second layer of authentication during need to use fingerprint. And verified one thing that I did I accidentally put stop all Google pay check out top. Because I did reopened it that was a pain point it right that was. Doesn't actually checked out to be like me I think access. Couple kickass lets you send money to Friendster I'm message ends that the bill. Google's version is called Google pays sentence as you might expect only Apple users can send money to each other. But Google lets you send money to Android or iOS users port through your computer. This sending money to friends we have the option on the Apple tech capital. Pavement at the time you have what it is sent but I did not have that data if payment option I didn't see which one. I have to be on it I know you could I yeah okay. Because there's another option for me Google name. I could have been found yet another app and that's my biggest barrier and Harry happened on album on. Irony is obviously social media to paint friends. Apple paid cash just fine for other people went I went to. I don't gamble to me haven't they don't and went with Google page and so I don't I don't wanna be guessing I have to say. A high degree heat up I start you wanna say that my primary of that money I mean. Dell we've seen in the US is that fact thanks Pete Pete asbestos and because it's hot like me in five minutes of getting that like and that money it. It's it's kind of crazy. Good okay sends from the the second process for me as easily in my one did say it out. And then Apple paid hash is of what's the slowest 13 business days but again all of these depends on the bank to get rid patents how to. The about page assistants he's a message quotes mechanization to keep cod. Once you add your custody after it generates at that you account number and you'll real cop number is navigate into the mentions. If your phone is still in all three let you wiper device remotely which will remove your virtual wallet right along with it. It is you'll find really ready to replace you while it. We challenged all three to see which one could buy us more stuff in San Francisco. I did Google pay an Apple page and I took Samsung pay to find out. Apple okay. Head in the. You. I Vanessa I think Samsung takes legally on this island last night and it happens isn't here you have where stuff that I do I could morning coffee which would have been. Adding I was. Relying on Google and Apple pale alone. I did get the next hour and maybe in a different story online also another country club like this and it where I'm from. And it's the Antarctica is huge like you really get away with never having a while and finally at that you and you'll find you say. On me fad diet and help out our out of ram where. These tech payments aren't even on there are so we probably would have been able to buy anything on it but knowing the benefits of heat which one would you. That's on page definitely I mean I know it's funny available on Samsung devices. But I think that's enough of that game changing these needs to really get rid of my wallet I don't wanna carry me. I would probably choose them as well obviously I am their number one target I've lost my card. But I do look for other actors in a phone and now that alone would be enough this link to buy the phone.