[MUSIC] After Apple's iPad and iMac announcements CNET got a look at how Apple Pay works in the demo room. When you bring your phone near a reader, Apple Pay will automatically bring up your stored credit cards, even from the lock screen. Store up to eight cards and passbook, and Apply Pay, and designated default card. Or swipe to choose the one you want to use in that instance. Then put your finger on the fingerprint sensor, and you'll immediately see a confirmation message. The new line of iPads are also enabled with fingerprint sensors, allowing people to use Apple Pay for online shopping. When you pull up a website, you're given the option to pay with Apple Pay. Tap it, and it'll access the credit card and address information already stored. One touch of your fingerprint will verify the payment. Apple says Apple Pay is totally secure because a dynamic code is sent to your bank to authenticate the purchase. Also when you add a new credit card a unique device account number is assigned to that card and only your fingerprint can access it for payments. In San Francisco I'm Kara Tsuboi cnet.com.