Apple Music to get a lot more video. The Apple music app has gone through several transformations from being a simple player of downloaded songs into a swiss army knife of music features. In an interview with Bloomburg, Apple music head Jimmy Iovine says Apple has lots of plans to make the app more than just songs and play lists. Particularly, there'll be more original video programming coming. We already knew of a few shows lined up for Apple Music. Will. is behind planet of the apps. The show is a reality competition for pitting app developers against each other. There's also Carpool Karaoke. The show was originally planned for an April 24th release. However, it's been delayed indefinitely. IBM wants to bring more music based video to Apple Music. New shows could include a sequel to R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet. Another show may be a loose adaptation of Doctor Dre's life. Doctor Dre and Iovine founded Beats Electronics together The Apple Music head also said he's in talks with Brian Grazer and JJ Abrams Details on that video content were not given. The Apple music service could have as many as 10 originals by the end 2017. Well, anyone wanna watch these show? We'll have to wait and see. For more information check out at I'm Zack Turn, I'll see you online.