It's looking more and more like Apple will be joining Google and Amazon in the smart speaker awards. Hey Siri, would you rather fight one horse sized Alexa or 100 Alexa sized horses? We've suspected Apple was working on a stand alone Siri device for a while. But Bloomberg is now reporting Apple has begun to manufacture a smart speaker. The company may even announce it at this year's WWDC, which kicks off June 5th in San Jose, California. Now before you Apple fans start whipping out your wallets and. Throwing money at the screen. You should also that it looks like the device. It's not [UNKNOWN] to hit retail until later this year. So, you're good for now. So, what is new in this report? Rumored has it, this unannounced speaker wont have a screen but will still aim to act as a home kit hub. Apple music is likely to be a key integration And third party services could be on the menu. But first party services will probably take the lead. Something like this speaker might help iPhone user use home kit more regularly opening the door to other smart home devices and services Apple might use in the future and encouraging users to stay within the Apple eco system. As always, we never really know what's up with Apple until they officially announce things. We'll be covering the WWDC 2017 in full force when the conference kicks off, but for now, we'll just have to hope that a Siri speaker is very close to be announced. For more, check out CNET.coma. I'm Ashley Esqueda, big in humans.