We have a big focus on technologies in iOS 11 but also some really big features and what you'll notice is Control Center is now a single page, packs all the features into a single page. Now of course it has simple switches, I'll just do an orientation lock. It's got a beautiful little animation there for the orientation lock. It has sliders available so you can adjust volume like this but it provides greater depth because with 3D touching on slider like this and get access to more controls. And this allows us to pack lots of capabilities really easily Into the design. So you see we have our wireless controls. Well, I can just tap on airplane mode. But if I 3-D touch on the platter, I get access to even more features. And this is really great with your music, because you can operate them here. Or jump in for even more information. So it's a really great new control center. And I think you're really gonna love it. So for iOS 11 we're making a big upgrade to your primary interface in dealing with Siri and that's Siri's voice. Here's the forecast for the next ten days. Sunny, sunny, and sunny. Three different ways to say sunny. Very powerful. Now Siri also has a male voice and it sounds fantastic too. I love machine learning, especially since I'm a machine, learning. And it's able to provide you with follow questions and answers with just a tap. And multiple results when you make a query, it's really handy. So you can now ask something like how do you say what are the most popular dishes in restaurant in Chinese and Siri can say [FOREIGN] Totally. Now translation initially will support translation from English to Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish and will have more language combinations coming in the months to come. With Siri intelligence Siri not only understands your voice. It understands the context. It understands your interests. It understands how you use your device. And this allows it to ultimately understand what you want next. So can actually suggest topics we might be interested in learning about in news, help us respond with our location, for getting to an appointment to someone In messages, and even help us make a calendar appointment based on something we've just booked inside of Safari on the web. [APPLAUSE] Next, let's talk about the Camera. Now, with our latest iPhones and IOS 7, we're using HEVC, which is giving us Up to two times better compression for camera captured videos which means less storage space used on your device and less space used in the cloud. And now with iOS 11 we can take low light photographs using optical image stabilization, true tone flash, HDR, delivers incredible image quality.