Speaker 1: And now we're gonna take the next giant leap because today we're bringing apple, Silicon to users who need even more extreme levels of performance to unleash their creativity. We're adding one last chip to the M one family, and it's gonna blow your mind here. It is Introducing M one ultra. It is a monster of a chip and it brings breathtaking levels of performance to [00:00:30] the Mac desktop. So let me hand it over to Johnny to tell you more about its incredible architecture. Speaker 2: M1 ultra is the next breakthrough for epi Silicon so far. We've scared up Silicon for the Mac from M one to M one M one, max, and with each chip we've extended the architecture to deliver phenomenal performance while maintaining a remarkable power efficiency [00:01:00] and scaling the unified member of architecture. This approach has also provided a consistent developer programming model across the M one family. And now we want to take EPIs Silicon even further to achieve more extreme levels of performance for the desktop. The challenge is that there are physical limitations in creating a larger data than M one max, the leading approach to use two chips and connect them via the motherboard. However, that approach has significant trade-offs including increased latency, reduced [00:01:30] bandwidth and much higher power consumption. This also burdens developers with the need to change their code for this architecture. So with M one T we did something truly groundbreaking and it actually starts with M one max, the most powerful SOC with built to date with its high performance CPU, massive GPU and tremendous unified memory bandwidth, M one max is incredibly capable and it's amazing. Performance is delivered while maintaining industry leading [00:02:00] power efficiency. Speaker 2: Yet it's even more capable than what we've shared. You see M one max has a secret, a hidden feature we haven't talked about until now. It has a groundbreaking die to die interconnect technology that allows us to scale even further by building M one OTA from two M one max dye, which dubs performance. And we connect the two dye with our innovative custom built packaging architecture. This multidi architecture is way ahead of anything else in [00:02:30] the industry. And we call it ultra fusion. The ultra fusion architecture uses a Silicon interposer that has twice the connection density of any technology available. Speaker 2: It connects over 10,000 signals and provides an enormous 2.5 terabyte per second of low latency enter process or bandwidth between the two dye using very little power that's more than four times. The bandwidth of the leading multichip interconnect technology. The result is ANC with blazing [00:03:00] performance due to low latency, massive bandwidth and incredible power efficiency. And thanks to the magic of the ultra fusion architecture. It behaves like a single chip to software and preserves the benefits of the unified memory M one ultra has 114 billion transistors. That's seven times more than an one it's the most ever in a personal computer chip. And when you add it to the M one family, you can see the huge difference in area between M one and M one Al This multi architecture [00:03:30] also supports a higher bandwidth memory subsystem. In fact, with two, do the memory bandwidth is increased to a massive 800 deal by per second. That's more than 10 times the latest PC desktop chip Speaker 2: And doubling the memory. Chinese also means M one ultra supports up to a staggering 128 gigabytes of unified memory for enormous workloads. M one ultra also offers an unbelievable amount of compute performance. It has a powerful 20 the core [00:04:00] CPU with 16 high performance course and four high efficiency cores to crash CPU intensive tasks. It also features a huge 64 core GPU, so it can speed through the most intense graphic tasks. It's nearly eight times faster than M one M one ultra has 32 powerful neural engine core count on up to 22 trillion operations per second, to accelerate the most formidable machine learning tasks. And it has twice the capabilities of the amazing media engine [00:04:30] in M one, max for unprecedented poor videoing code and the code throughput Power efficiency affects the entire system, including enclosure design S acoustics and ultimately performance. So the industry leading performance per wa of M one max and M one ultra is a huge advantage for a desktop M1. Max delivers similar multi-headed CPU performance to the latest 10 core piece of desktop chip while using 65% less power. Speaker 2: [00:05:00] And when we compare M one Alta to the fastest 16 core PC desktop top chip available, it delivers 90% higher performance in the same power envelope and M one Alta can deliver the PC Chip's peak performance while using an astounding 100 Watts less power. When we look at GPU performance on power, M one max delivers similar performance to one of the most popular GPS while using one third, the power and M1 ultra delivers faster performance than the highest [00:05:30] N GPU available while using 200 Watts, less power M1 ultra provides industry dust plus performance and power efficiency, allowing us to deliver incredible performance in a much smaller, more efficient design. So that's the groundbreaking and one ultra it's the most powerful and chip ever for a personal computer. Now back to John Speaker 1: M one ultra takes apple Silicon further than ever. It's another game changing chip for our pro users. [00:06:00] Now, one of the things that makes apple Silicon so unique is how tightly it integrates with the operating system. This integration enables Macs to scale with M one ultra allowing it to automatically benefit from M one Ultra's immense capabilities, delivering another big step forward in performance. It also enables us to deliver an amazing experience for our users. Everything is super fast and incredibly responsive. And the system in user data are protected with industry leading security. [00:06:30] The transition to apple Silicon has delivered the largest collection of apps ever for Mac, including I phone and iPad apps, which can now run on Mac and universal apps that unlock the full power of the M one family and new apps with unbelievable performance continue to be released every week. We're thrilled with how well this transition is going and because M one ultra looks like a single piece of Silicon to software app will benefit from its extraordinary capabilities [00:07:00] without any additional work.