We're here at Apple Park in Cupertino, right after the iPhone event. I'm Scott Stein. David Katzmaier. And neither of us has been here before, because this is the first time that we've been inside The Steve Jobs Theater. Let's talk about products, Apple Watch. So, Apple Watch, we had heard reports about LTE, and Cellular in the Apple Watch And what that basically means is you take phones, you can stream music, you can use apps. Now it's not clear exactly how that works with their data plan, but it will use your same phone number, that can be really useful for people who want to not have their iPhone around. That'd 399, it's not a huge up sell over the Apple Watch Series II which is nice But it is an uptick in price, and they're still going to have a LTE free Apple Watch Series 3 and a Series 1 which you can swim with if you track all those models. Yeah and the other product that they started with was the Apple TV and that's why I got invited out. So they're coming out with a new Apple TV, it's $179, it's a little box, it streams Netflix and video like that Apple talked about software improvements that included the abilities to get live sports, and there's some improved user enhancements but the real improvement here is 4K and HDR. So that basically gives you the best video quality you can get today. 4K resolution, high dynamic range, great color, and really what they're doing is playing catch up. Roku has had those features for a long time, and video shield. The other industry leaders. So Apple's kind of catching up and saying, you know what? Now we're finally in the space, and we got iTunes turned on with 4K. And they actually did some nice things, if you buy If you have an iTunes movie, then they'll give you the 4k version for three, which is nice. I like that. They're keeping the price basically the same, for the 4k, industry wide. THe real news of course was iPhone. Was the iPhone. There were three iPhones, and that's a thing, this year You're gonna be dealing with the iPhone's that are coming out September 22nd, which are the iPhone 8 and the 8 plus but the one that everyone's talking about, that's the iPhone 10 or the X. That one is coming out November 3rd, so that's awhile away Let's start with the screen Scot, because as a TV guy the OLED screen is really what this is all, it really has an amazing image quality on the screen itself, and of course it puts it right at the same level as like a Note 8 in terms of inch quality which is great on your phone. That's what you're looking at all day, that's what I was excited about, but then there's, These other things that they added? The other things, mainly the truth depth camera. So there's augmented reality that Apple's pushing into. Whether or not you'll be able to appreciate or get into augmented reality, Apple's betting hard into it. Yep. But from the front facing end, there are a whole bunch of sensors, including infrared And throwing out points to measure that are gonna measure your face and that's gonna unlock a lot of other possibilities with the camera. Unlock? Unlock. I see what you did there. Face ID. So Face ID is meant to supplant that for Apple Pay and they say that it's more secure. Will you feel comfortable using your face Versus using your finger print and there is no choice on the iPhone 10. You can also do all this facial mapping stuff like Snap Chat and anemojis. Anemojis. You probably saw the animated poop because that's making the rounds. The thing is that, I know this gets in the weeds but the iPhone 8 and 8 plus also have improvements including they all have wireless charging across the board. Yes. My favorite feature on any phone, I love wireless charging. That's right- It's standard, it's the key standard that all the other phones use. So you can charge your phone with any of these inexpensive wireless chargers, which is great. But Apple has a new thing they're bringing out too. Yeah, so they're bringing out a whole new standard, called Air Power, and that's coming out in 2018. Mm-hm. That's the thing that you kind of wanna do already, which is charge your air pods, your apple watch, and your phone All on one mat. And the other improvements [UNKNOWN] a new portrait mode. You can do a little bit more with the new portrait mode and have the background disappear and things like that, some really cool demos of that. And on the 10 you can do front facing portrait modes too, and there are a whole bunch of studio lighting effects, which are nice, and those will be in beta. If you're an iPhone buyer which one do you want? Do you want the 8 or do you want the new iPhone 10? That's the big question, I don't know, I think the 8 is trying to be more like a MacBook Air, in the sense that it's trying to be a phone for a lot of people, and incremental upgrade. And I think the 10 is the one that you wanna get if you wanna be on top of where things are going. Right. But at that price, do you wait an extra year to see if they can iron out things with face id, and a few more places next year, especially if it comes out in November. September the following year is a little less far away. Yep. So we'll have to see. It's a bit of a half step in that sense. And we'll be reviewing them all. Absolutely, really soon. Down the road. So I'm Scott Stein. David Katsmeier. And we'll talk to you soon. Thanks for joining us. [MUSIC]