Apple is exploring how to make its own version of the Amazon Echo smart speaker. And sources tell cnet that Apple may put a camera in its version. This camera could detect who is nearby, using Facial recognition technology. So it would theoretically switch to my music and lighting preferences when I enter the room. And have different profiles for other members of my family. But there's one big problem Apple will have to solve. If there's a camera in the smart home hub Will people get freaked out over how Apple could see into your home and know everything you do? Can we trust the all-seeing eye of Tim Cook? Privacy and consumer trust are major hurdles tech companies need to tiptoe around when innovating for the smart home. Back in 2013, you remember when people freaked out when Xbox One was going to require a Kinect camera to Function. So Microsoft backtracked and made the camera optional. Even the successful Amazon Echo launched with criticism over how the speaker's always listening for you to say the key word "Alexis" to wake it up. Similar uneasy feelings are brought up with televisions that are Listening for your command [UNKNOWN] wonder if your conversation are being recorded or were that audio data is going. If we are getting more comfortable with voice command a camera does it take concerns to a new level Those familiar with Apple's plans tell CNet that Apple could abandon the idea of a camera, and the product may not come out until next year. A few days ago Google revealed its own take on the Amazon Echo smart speaker, it's called Google Home. There's no camera but it also responds to voice commands and it'll come out later this year. That's it for this tech news update. But before I sign off, I have a quick programming note. I am going on maternity leave. No surprise for those of you that have seen my belly in previous video reports. [LAUGH] But while I'm away on leave, you'll still be getting updates. The report's in great hands with Iyaz Akhtar and Jeff Back alar, and I want to thank the viewers that sent in their kind words and support as they venture into Mommy-land. I'll see you all again in a few months. I'm Bridget Carey. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]