Apple is best known for its iPhones, Macs and, well, of course have lasso. But now they make this, it's an Air Tag and it's downright tiny. You attach it to an object like your keys, and you can keep track of it with Apple's Find My Network. Pretty nifty, right? [MUSIC] So let's start off with some basics. This kind of tracker isn't new, but the biggest selling point for the air tag is Apple's find my network which is made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices. This in last week, the find my network was opened up to third parties who can take advantage of it, which will just increase that number even more. And that's important because let's say you lose your The keys but they have an air tag attached. As soon as someone with another device on the find my network like an iPhone crosses its path, the air tag will communicate with the iPhone securely in the background to updates location kind of like using Bluetooth to piggyback this information back to you. Unboxing an Air Tag is curious. It comes with lots and lots of paperwork and a battery that's already installed and I can't emphasize enough how tiny it is. It weighs roughly the same as 2/4 it's bigger than a junior mint a Milk Dud and mento And not by much. One side is white, the other is stainless steel and yes, it feels well made. In fact, it's rated IP 67 for dust and water resistance and can survive being submerged for 30 minutes up to a one metre. Behind the stainless steel back is a replaceable CR 2032 battery which Apple claims will last a year and when it starts to get low your iPhone will notify you. CR 2032 batteries are very common it can be found in stores drugstores and online. And what's nice is you can replace it yourself. Setup is easy, you just pull off the battery tab, bring it close your iPhone and tap Connect. Now I had to update my iPhone to IOS 14.5 and sign into my iCloud account and verify the lock code on my iPhone but pretty straightforward. From there, you're prompted to name it. For example, I named this one Keys because it's got my keys. Yeah, I know original. And now this air tag is tied to my Apple ID and that allows me to do a number of things. First of which is I can ping the air tag and it will play a sound. Your tag uses the surface here as a sound actuator, hence the lack of a tiny speaker grille and get this you don't even need to have the find my app open. You can just say hey Siri, where are my keys? Looking for keys. The AirTag will chime. [SOUND] It's nearby, pinging key sound. It's right here. But it gets better. If you have an iPhone 11 or 12, you can use precision Finding to locate your air tag and that's because the air tag like the iPhone 1112 has a you want ultra wideband chip and that helps determine if the exact distance and direction from the iPhone to it. Now this really cool interface pops up on your iPhone to guide you visually with haptics and sound to help you find your last item. The iPhone uses its cameras AR kit the accelerometer gyroscope, along with data from the air tag to do all this. It's really impressive. Precision finding works within Bluetooth range of an air tag. But let's say the air tag is a bit farther away. You can enter it into loss mode which allows you to enter a phone number Now if someone comes across the air tag, they can tap the air tag with an NFC phone. And we'll be taken to a website with info on how to contact you. It works on iOS and Android devices. Let's talk privacy. Unfortunately, there are people who might want to take advantage of the anonymity and the privacy that the air attack provides. And might, try use it, to track another person, without them knowing. Well, Apple has you covered, with a number of features to discourage, unwanted tracking. Your iPhone or iOS device, can detect an air tag that's not with its owner, and will notify you, if it's travelling with you overtime. You'll then be able to play a sound on the unknown air tag to help locate it and view information like its serial number and instructions on how to disable it like by removing its battery. You're the only one who can see where your air tag is and your location data or location history isn't stored on the air tag itself. And when the air tag comes in contact with another find my device like an iPhone info is relayed anonymously and encrypted no one, not even Apple knows the location of your air tag, or the identity of the find my device used to find it. In any Bluetooth signal is used by the fine my network rotate frequently so you can't be tracked by them. AirTags work with any iPhone or iPod Touch on iOS 14.5 or any iPad on iPad OS 14.5. Single AirTag costs $29 but you can get a pack of four for $99. They go on sale Friday, April 23rd and will be available on April 30th. Also Apple sells a few accessories for the air tag including a leather loop and a leather key ring. And these cost between $29 and $39. But before I finish, I want to talk about pets and kids. As soon as air tags were announced, I saw friends online talking about how they wanted to put one of these on their kid or dog or Whatever. You attach this to a pet that pet has to come within Bluetooth range of the device on the fi network for your pets location to be updated. As far as kids the air tag is meant for items. Say for example, your child's backpack if it gets left in the cafeteria. Built in features aimed at preventing tracking that I mentioned earlier mean that an air tag isn't the best offer for keeping dibs and your kids location. You'd be better off using an apple watch with family setup which lets your kid's location and the location of other family members. [LAUGH] So That's all I got. Look, I got to tell you that I've had this air tag for about eight hours, which is not a lot of time, but I do look forward to testing it out more in depth. But now I wanna hear from you guys, what do you think of Apple's air tag? Are you going to buy one or two or four? Throw your thoughts in the comments. [SOUND] That was satisfying.