[MUSIC] Hey, I'm CNet's [UNKNOWN], and I'm back in the kitchen with Anova to test out the second generation Anova precision cooker. This is an emerging circulator that offers [UNKNOWN] cooking chops at an affordable $179. Dollars. A much better price than you might get from an all in one water bath, or even from other emerging circulators that cost a little more. We did all the usual tests with this one, eggs and poached salmon. The one that really jumped out was our flank steak test. We took a nice tasty but tough cut of flank steak and cooked it in here for 24 hours and man did that come out fantastic. The meat was tender and juicy. Lifelike Roast Beef, tasted amazing. Very happy with that result. This one also adds in bluetooth cooking smart. So you've got a bluetooth radio in this thing, and a dedicated Anova app. Pull the app up, and you can control the device remotely. Setting the timer. Setting the temperature, and also looking through a catalog for recipes. If you see one that you like, you can hit start, and send those settings straight to the machine. So for instance, if I wanted to make. This salmon recipe. I've got my vacuum sealed salmon here. I just find salmon in the app. Look at all the different recipes, find one that looks good. Open it up and then hit that little start button. And then boom. The Anova starts cooking to that temperature and on that timer. Now exciting as that might sound I thought that the app controls were a little clunky and the recipes were fine. About the same thing as you can find online, so it's not a huge deal. I would like those apps smart if they were wi-fi enabled and not just blue tooth. It only has that 50 foot radius or so, so I say hold out for wi-fi cookers if you really want that smart functionality. Both the Nova and Nomaku have wi-fi cookers coming out later this year, but if all you want is a simple [UNKNOWN] starting point that's going to produce really tasty food. The Inova precision cooker is a very safe bet. Thanks for watching. Check out the rest of our smart home and appliance reviews at cnet.com. For CNet appliances, I'm [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC]