[MUSIC] HP is trying to upscale the Chromebook with a new HP Chromebook 13, a product designed in conjunction they say with Google that takes a lot of what we know about Chromebooks. Basically they use the Chrome browser to access cloud based Applications, and services, and tools. And wrapping it in a slightly nicer case. This is a 13 inch laptop. It's got a brushed aluminum bonding, a soft touch underside. It's got the same bang in ohms in audio branding as a lot of other HP systems these days. And inside, is the first Chromebook to use the 2nd generation of Intel's The core M processors, and that seems like a good choice for a nice mix of performance and battery life at a decent price. Hey, you're gonna get 11 1/2 hours of battery out of this. What's it all going to cost? It's a it's a little bit more expensive than traditional Chromebook it's gonna start at $499 and it should be available by the end of April. That is the the HP Chromebook 13. [SOUND]